To Invest Or Not To Invest

If you are interested in investing in rare coins an article titled “Investing in Rare Coins” seems as though it might offer some valuable insight on how to get started on doing just that. While this article provides some information on rare coins, it fell short on information about future investing.  It also offers little to no information on what makes a coin rare. Instead it spends the first two paragraphs talking in a circle about how people collect coins as a safety net. If you are reading the article, chances are you probably already know that and that’s what made you look at the article to begin with.

After discussing briefly— with a few spelling errors—why precious metals are invested in, the author then attempts to provide a step-by-step guide for new investors. The information provided is, for the most part, accurate but the steps seem out of place.  It would make more sense, as a reader, if the list began with the most important step—which in this case the author states is “finding a reputable dealer.” However, the guidelines end with that and instead begin with what condition the coins should be in. In addition, there are two separate steps which seem conflicting in regards to storing rare coins. The first step of storage states to put them in an airtight container and do not let coins touch each other, while the preceding step suggests a fireproof safe. This advice is confusing even for someone who has been collecting coins for years.

One helpful section the author did include in the article was descriptions of various coins that individuals can invest in. He or she did an adequate job of describing and differentiating coins like the American Buffalo, the American Eagle and the Saint-Gaudens Type.  For readers who are just learning about coins this information is useful and provides them some of the knowledge they will need when they begin their investment.  Not all gold coins have the same value and thus knowing what makes them valuable can lead to greater success for a new investor.

Another useful piece of information provided by the author in this article is the rare coin outlook. He or she discusses the current value of silver and the surge the precious metal recently experienced.  The article then goes on to discuss what this means for those who have a collection of rare silver coin—a higher demand or interest by others will increase the rare coin value. However, once again the article falls short and rewords sentences that offer no information that is of value to the reader.  Perhaps if the author had offered some insight into keeping track of the current value of silver, it would have made the section more resourceful. On the plus side, the author does offer information on rare silver coins in the same way he or she did with gold coins in a previous paragraph.

Overall the article is a little all this article provides some useful information about particular coins and attempts to be helpful. Unfortunately the structure makes it hard to follow and some paragraphs are repetitive.

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