Switching to Residential Solar Power

The idea of making to switch to solar power is no longer a farfetched dream that the average homeowner could not consider as a viable option. Solar power has come a long way in the past few decades, as it was once a commodity rarely considered by homeowners and is now justifiable and logical option for just about every homeowner. And now this is the option more and more homeowners are turning to as they attempt to meet and survive monthly energy costs.

Now that solar power is such an affordable and viable option for homeowners, more and more of them are beginning to realize there is no real downside to making the switch. Third party energy providers are constantly raising their prices, and for years and year there was little or nothing that consumers could do about it. The electrical companies would increase their prices, consumers would be angry and look for other options, but everything eventually remained the same. Solar power is changing all of that and is putting pressure on energy providers by providing an alternative to homeowners.

Verengo Solar is a company, which provides solar power system installation and other solar energy services across the country, including New Jersey, New York, California, and more areas likely to come soon. Verengo even offers free quotes and home consultations to homeowners, so that those considering making the switch can get a valuable and respectable opinion before making a quick switch. They even have plans which get you the solar energy system for no money down, offer referral bonuses of a few hundred dollars for referring others, and provide information about the money saved and government rebates and tax breaks available after making the switch to solar energy.

There is now a way to combat electric companies, energy providers, and increasing regular energy costs. By installing a residential solar energy system, homeowners are taking the power into their own hands and are no longer subject to rate hikes and dramatic changes. Since a solar energy system utilizes solar panels equipped with photovoltaic cells to capture energy directly from sunlight, the home now has an unlimited source of renewable energy.

And renewable is the important part of solar energy. Most other energy sources rely on the various fossil fuels available in the world, which are non renewable resources. This means one very important thing—since fossil fuels are non renewable, their supply will eventually diminish and their price will begin to rapidly increase at paces faster than they already are. Non renewable resources are subject to the fluctuations in the marketplace, which is most recently evident in the major swings in the prices of oil and gas. If the homeowner and consumer did not have alternative energy sources, they would have no other choice than to pay whatever their energy provider charged them. And with the higher prices for the fossil fuels, it is all but assured that those higher prices will be passed on to the consumers.

With a solar energy system, the homeowner will not have to worry about such rapid changes. Once the free consultation is performed and the free quote is provided by a company like Verengo, the homeowner will know how much money is likely to be saved on energy costs on a regular basis. The installation is often completed for no money down, and then the monthly payment for the solar energy system merely replaces the existing monthly energy cost (which is usually much higher than the cost of the solar energy system). Then, once the system is paid off, there is no longer a high regular energy payment.

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