Statements of world’s most important central banks

On 15 December were held the meetings of world’s most important Central banks’ senior management. Their leaders’ statements appeared to be another confirmation of the fact that no unexpected events in this area will happen until the New Year.

The representatives of the Central bank of Europ stated, that the interest rate in European region will remain the same, and stimulating measures will continue to function in the next year. Similar statements were made by the head of Swiss central Bank. The interest rate remained unchanged, but no clear perspectives of a further development of the market were defined. As a result of those statements by EU CB and Swiss CB heads, forex rate of the Swiss franc and Euro to the US dollar went slightly down. If you like to know, how such events influence currency rates and how to use such information for a profitable traiding.

The statements of Central Bank of England had met the most expectations too. But they didn’t influence the exchange rate of the pound sterling that much, because it is under the influence of more powerful factor – expectations related to the perspective of Great Britain leaving EU.

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