Debunking Cost Myths of Southern California Solar Energy Systems

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One of the reasons that so many people worry about choosing solar energy is the cost. They have the mistaken belief that the cost of the panels is prohibitive and that they are never going to be able to make up the cost. This is certainly not the case today, thanks to quite a few different reasons. Let’s dissect some of these myths and look at the ways that Southern California solar energy systems today are affordable and can actually save, and in some instances make, money.

Myth #1 – The Panels are Too Expensive
The first myth is that the panels are going to be too expensive. In the past, the panels were more expensive than they are today, even though today’s panels have better, more reliable technology. In addition to being cheaper than you might think, you will even be able to save money on the cost of the panels with help from federal tax credits, as well as local and state incentives. These can help to offset the cost of the Southern California solar energy systems and you could save thousands of dollars. As you can see, the panels today are not going to be too expensive.

Myth #2 – The Panels Do Not Save Money
Of course then panels save money! Each month that you have the panels on your home, you are going to be saving money. When you are using the power of the sun to provide the electricity that you need for your home rather than relying on the overly expensive power company, you are saving cash. Some solar arrays can bring your costs down to zero. Others make enough energy that you could even sell energy back to the power company! Over the course of a few years, imagine just how much you could save.

Myth #3 – You Will Not Make Up the Cost
People fear getting Southern California solar energy systems because they believe that they won’t make up the cost. As you can see, that’s not the case. In addition to saving on the cost of the panels and installation, and saving each month, you are increasing your home’s value. People want to have homes with solar panels installed, and that means that the value of your home is going to rise.

Now that you know some of the myths surrounding the solar panels, it is time to contact the professionals at Verengo to learn more.