Why Purchasing Physical Gold from Monexcom is better than Gold Stocks

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Many smart investors turn to Monex.com to purchase gold coins and bullion as a way to diversify and strengthen their portfolio. Traditionally, the gold bullish market continues to rise amidst the more bearish stocks and bonds. There have been major assumptions that gold stocks continue to rise just like the value of physical gold. However, this is not true.

Gold Stocks versus Physical Gold

During the devastating downturn of the stock market in 1987, the Dow Jones average fell a whopping 41% from just over 2700 points to a low of 1616. At the same time, the XAU (the index of gold stocks) fell even farther, to nearly 46%, with the index tumbling from 157 to 84. At the same time, the value of physical gold rose over 18%. Every investor’s portfolio that held gold stocks was down much longer in percentage than the recovery of the Dow Jones average. The following year, gold stocks were virtually unchanged while physical gold values continued to rise.

Owning Physical Gold

The competent staff at Monex.com understands the value of holding gold in your hands. Having already been mined, there is nothing that gets between you and the precious metal. With its inability to vanish, it can be used immediately in exchange for anything of value, or stored away to gain equity over future years. Its value does not rely on the fluctuating markets, or the management strategies of a company backed by shares of stock.

Purchasing Gold Online

Since the invention of the Internet, smart investors have had the ability to purchase gold online at Monex.com. Long known for their expertise, and offering gold at reasonable prices, Monex.com provides the most gold bullion for your money. Through this hassle-free process, you can purchase bars, rounds, gold coins, and rare coins without ever leaving your office or home.

Free Consultation

The knowledgeable staff at Monex.com offers free consultations to assist investors in making the most out of their gold purchase. When purchasing gold online, the delivery is fully insured and shipped directly to your door. Without a doubt, it is the easiest way to invest in any type of precious metal.

Gold Numismatic versus Bullion

Once you have decided to become an investor in gold, it is time to decide whether you want to purchase numismatic or plain bullion. Numismatic, or rare, coins require a level of expertise of a competent coin collector. The knowledgeable staff at Monex.com can help novice or experienced investors make the right choices to protect their wealth. They also provide assistance on purchasing bullion as either coins or bars, which offer the unique investment experience of being able to instantly cash the gold in for a profit, or as a trade.

One Piece at a Time

Unlike the necessity of having to purchase multiple shares of stock at one time, gold can be bought as a single piece. Many smart investors looking to diversify their portfolio will purchase one or two ounces every month and keep their physical gold locked away for safekeeping.

Self-Directed IRA Investing

Because of gold’s easy portability, it can be safely held in any location and used as a self-directed gold, or precious metal, IRA account. By purchasing gold and storing it, the precious metal can eventually be sold through a tax advantage IRA. It has always been considered the safest way to invest when compared to paper alternatives that include exchange-traded funds (ETF), stocks, bonds and other traded instruments.

Traditionally, bullion has always outperformed domestic bonds and stocks. The reason most people do not diversify their portfolio using bullion gold coins is because brokers do not usually make commissions on their purchase.