Steady Investment Return with Insignificant Risks – Money Market Mutual Funds

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Retail Investor Mutual FundMoney markets are the safer place where one may opt to invest his money. The intention can be to evade any kind of loss or threats in his investments. Money markets offer diverse types of accounts like money market mutual funds and money market deposit accounts.

Money Market Mutual Funds:
As far as money market mutual funds are concerned, these funds are aimed to provide risk free investments. The customers of these money markets are offered insignificant risks. These risks could be much higher if they would have made investments in stocks or other securities. There is a substantial variation in their trade volumes just like the case with treasury bills (T-bills) and certificates of deposit (CDs). These options provide with steady returns on what you have invested.

Many retail investors who work individually may not manage to pay for them as they want to have huge amounts as their opening outlays. Therefore some mutual funds aim to invest in money market instruments like debt tools , which are intended for a short period of time. Their only intention and goal is to earn interest for the shareholders. Such mutual funds are regarded as money market mutual funds. The vital objective of these money market mutual funds is to maintain at least $1.00 as net asset value for each share.

Types of money market mutual funds:
Most commonly these mutual funds activate in money market tools. They are mostly sold for a low minimum amount and thus tempt to the shareholders that are usually retail investors, who would then be able to invest small sum on regular basis . A person who wants to invest in these mutual funds of the money markets must have the essential knowledge about the tools.

Just like the knowledge of one given above in order to make the bulk of money market. Money market mutual funds are mostly divided into two large categories. These are the money market mutual funds for institutional investors and the money market mutual funds for the retail investors.

Institutional Money Market Mutual Funds:
AIM money market fundIn case of institutional money market mutual funds, leading investors are governments, institutional investors and businesses. These investors more often deal in bulk amounts and the profits that are added to the institutional money funds.

The AIM money market fund is considered as one of the largest money market mutual funds. In recent times, AIM has made an investment of $31 billion in the treasury bills in US and some other corporate level debts.

Retail Money Market Mutual Funds:
Now lets’ discuss a little about the retail money market mutual funds. Their aim is not to invest money on temporary basis just like stock brokerage firms often do. Retail money market funds are usually piled up to the size of almost half of the mutual funds that exist. Usually retail money market funds are aimed to invest in US treasury bills just like some of the funds that are focused.

For example the funds that is free of tax, government only funds, and also the funds that are non government in nature. The major benefit that you may enjoy by investing in these mutual funds is that you may pull out money in small amount like $500 . Keep in mind that investing thru regular basis often helps to reap best long term reward.