An Ed Asner Solar Commercial States Homeowners Can Save More Money With Solar

Most homeowners who are asked why they want to install solar panels in their home will say that they want to save more money. In fact, saving money is often touted as the number one reason why homeowners choose to switch to solar energy. And while there are many other reasons why a homeowner might choose to forego traditional energy models the truth is that the rising cost of electricity rates are going to be most homeowners’ main concern.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), there are a number of ways in which homeowners can actually save money on their energy costs through the use of solar panels. Additionally, environmental spokespersons have also listed a variety of ways in which homeowners can save money like in the online Ed Asner solar commercial. The resources listed to save homeowners money with solar power include:

1. Homeowners who use solar power in their homes can qualify for lower rates with their local electricity company as their use of electricity decreases. For instance, some California electric companies offer discounts to their customers for using less electricity on specific dates. This largely depends on how often homeowners use solar energy, but most homeowners who install solar panels in their home will want to utilize solar as often as possible to power their homes.

2. One point that is made in the Ed Asner solar commercial is that electricity bills are often dramatically lowered as a direct result of a homeowner’s use of solar energy and this can include a homeowner’s heating bill. As the weather begins to cool and the nights get longer, most people will begin using their heater extensively. Homeowners who want to save money during these months should look into installing solar panels in their home.

3. Many states offer incentives for installing home solar power panels. These can include tax breaks, rebates and even loan programs. Homeowners who are interested in learning more about their home state’s solar power incentives should contact their state’s DOE to learn more. Whether they are interested in loan, rebate, tax or other programs there are many resources available for all homeowners interested in lowering the cost of solar power installation.

4. The federal government also offers incentives for installing home solar power panels. These mainly include tax credits that can be applied for the year in which the homeowner purchases their new solar panels. It’s important for homeowners to talk to a tax professional before they apply credits to their taxes so that they can ensure that their taxes are prepared correctly and all tax laws are followed.

No matter their reason for installing solar panels all homeowners will be glad to note that they can save more money once the panels have been installed in their home. This is especially important since the upfront costs of solar panels are higher than traditional energy setup costs. Homeowners will be happy with their decision to make the switch to solar energy, like in the Ed Asner solar commercial, once they realize their savings. After all, no one loves paying the high costs of energy, especially as they keep rising.

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