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Psychological fallacies in daytrading

Daytrading is a term for making deals whose lifespan doesn’t exceed one trading day. This type of trading looks especially attractive for newbie Forex traders. It gives an illusion of quick return and good results. But at the same time daytrading is very demanding. One needs to make decisions quickly. And this causes the newbies to get

Statements of world’s most important central banks

On 15 December were held the meetings of world’s most important Central banks’ senior management. Their leaders’ statements appeared to be another confirmation of the fact that no unexpected events in this area will happen until the New Year.

The business activity in Germany slows down

An interesting trend can be seen recently at the European financial market. Despite the fact that in November the business activity index in Germany was getting to peak values, in December they were followed by an unexpected decrease. Experts explain it with a difficult political situation where Angela Merkel

Central Bank of Russia introduces new standards for Forex brokers

In the middle of December 2017, the Central Bank of Russia approved new requirements for financial market participants. It should come into effect in April 2018. According to this document, minimal amount fo capitalization for Forex brokers will be set.

An Ed Asner Solar Commercial States Homeowners Can Save More Money With Solar

Rate this post Most homeowners who are asked why they want to install solar panels in their home will say that they want to save more money. In fact, saving money is often touted as the number one reason why

Debunking Cost Myths of Southern California Solar Energy Systems

Rate this post One of the reasons that so many people worry about choosing solar energy is the cost. They have the mistaken belief that the cost of the panels is prohibitive and that they are never going to be

Is Now the Right or Wrong Time for Precious Metals Buying

Option of Precious Metals Investing

Is Now the Right or Wrong Time for Precious Metals Buying 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote There is a great debate going on right now in the world of precious metals. That debate has to do with whether or not to

Important Considerations when Investing in Silver

Gold-Silver Ratio

Rate this post The production of silver has been on the rise recently. In fact, 2012 saw an incredible 4% rise to reach the highest production level ever, of 787 million ounces. This is because the demand for silver has

Why Investing in Silver is a Good Idea

Rate this post When people think about investing in precious metals, gold is the first name that comes to mind. It is one of the oldest forms of currency available and has recognition for its value. However, gold is just

Precious Metals Investment Outlook Shows the Time to Buy

Precious Metals Investment Outlook Shows the Time to Buy 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes Metals have been very important for investors for many years. Humans have had a fondness for metals since their discovery, and since they are useful today in

Investing in Silver The Teflon Investment

Rate this post As seen in charts, in late 2012 those investing in silver saw their portfolio allocations perform admirably and then consolidate for several months. In April 2013, however, a significant and somewhat swift correction ensued, renewing the debate

Precious Metals Investment Outlook is Strong for New Investors

Rate this post All good things must come to an end, they say. So for you, a late arrival to the precious metals party, surely you’ve showed up too late, surely gold’s 12-year bull run is all but over and

Gold is Still a Good Hedge

Rate this post The recent gold price correction spooked investors. While price corrections are normal they can be hard to predict in these non-normal economic times. The Federal Reserve is pumping $85 billion into the economy each month and this

An Overview of Precious Metal Investing

Rate this post Precious metal investing isn’t a new idea; they have been used for collecting, investing, as currency and for jewelry since before the age of Egyptians. Precious metals have increased in value over the years, and will continue

Palladium A Reliable Option For Portfolio Diversification Through Precious Metals Investing

Palladium A Reliable Option For Portfolio Diversification Through Precious Metals Investing 5.00/5 (100.00%) 2 votes Of all the precious metals in all the commodities exchanges in the world, palladium probably has the least publicity. First in the public’s mind when

The Positive 2013 Precious Metals Outlook Appears Unaffected by a Strong US Dollar

Rate this post It is not hard to notice that there was a major lack of conviction in the gold spot price for the last year. However, many experts are forecasting 2013 as year with less volatility and more upward

Investing in Rare Coins Makes Sense in 2013

Rate this post It is possible for an investor to add rare coins to their investment portfolios much in the same way they would add currencies, commodities, stocks, bonds and commercial real estate. The value of coins is influenced by