Coin Trading with Monex

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If you are looking for a good way to make your investment portfolio more profitable, as well as just a little more fun and exciting, you would do well to consider coin trading. Trading coins made from precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be both a smart investing strategy and an engaging hobby. Here, we’ll look into coin trading in general, and we’ll look at a trusted company called Monex, which has long been regarded as one of the best places to obtain valuable coins and trade them when the time is right.

Why Precious Metals Make Good Investments
The key element in trading coins is precious metals. When we talk about precious coins, we’re often discussing coins made of gold. While other metals are of course available, and while they are valuable, for the sake of the remainder of this discussion, we’ll simply stick to gold coins as a topic. After all, what could be more compelling than shiny, heavyweight coins made of pure, glistening gold?

Just about every seasoned investment counselor worth his or her salt will advise you that you should have at least a little gold in your investment portfolio. Usually, people are advised to hold between 10 and 20 percent of their portfolios in gold. The reason for this is simple – gold, in general, tends to be more stable than most other types of investments. It is considered rare, and it has intrinsic value worldwide, in that it has an attractive appearance and functional properties.

Why Gold Coins Make Good Investments
You can obtain gold in a number of different ways. For example, you can invest in gold mining stocks or gold futures, and you can purchase gold in ingots or bars – or even as jewelry. So, why are gold coins such great investments?
Gold Bars
There are several answers to this question. Probably the best answer of all these is that gold coins are among the easiest of any investments to liquidate – even when you consider other types of gold investments. Many vendors dealing in gold of any type will happily buy gold coins, including those that have numismatic value, and those minted as bullion, such as Canadian Maple Leafs and American Eagles.

There are different types of gold coins.

  • Numismatic Gold Coins – These coins are more popular with collectors than they are with investors. Make no mistake – many of them are wonderfully valuable, particularly those with interesting histories and beautiful designs. They are prized most for their significance and scarcity.
  • Semi-Numismatic Gold Coins – These coins may have been used as currency at one point, and their value is tied more to their actual market value than to the amount of gold they actually contain. These coins are good for investing, and they carry some historical significance, besides. Good examples are French or Swiss Francs, Danish Kroners, Australian Ducats, and British Sovereigns.
  • Gold Bullion Coins – These coins are primarily used as a way to partition gold for easy measuring and storage. They are not normally of much interest to collectors, and they are easier to carry and liquidate than other forms of gold bullion, like bars or ingots. They have simple designs and are easy to trade. If you are looking at gold as a type of investment, then gold bullion coins are a very good format to choose. You can find many different types of gold bullion coins at Monex – and you can buy as many or as few as you like. You can display them, give them as gifts, or keep them safely in a bank vault. If you like, Monex can even keep them safe for you.

For many investors, coin trading is a wonderfully rewarding pursuit. Whether you are just getting started with your own portfolio, or if you are looking for a valuable gift for someone special, look to Monex for exceptional value, a wealth of knowledge, and superior customer service. Getting started is easier than you might imagine – don’t wait another minute.