Restoring Silver Coins the Right Way

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People that are interested in numismatics, or the study and collecting of gold and silver coins, enjoy an often profitable and enjoyable hobby. They get to participate in a hobby that can last a lifetime and they can even pass their coin collection down to their kids and even grandkids because some rare coins only go up in value over time.

If you are interested in precious metals investing, then you probably own a lot of rare and valuable silver coins. Over time, your silver coins can accumulate a layer of oxidized black gunk that can take a toll on their luster, appearance and even images on them. If you want your coins to keep their gorgeous appearance and even make a profit for you if you decide to sell them, you should not clean the coins yourself. A coin dealer or coin expert can help you clean your silver coins safely and professionally. Sometimes, the dealer will even offer to buy the coins from you after the cleaning process. If you are interested in selling your coins, getting them professionally cleaned is the way to do it. If you want to keep your coins for yourself, here is a safe method to use when restoring them to their natural beauty.

You will need to gather the correct supplies before you begin your cleaning process. You will need to get a shallow bowl, sulfur-free envelopes, a soft and clean towel or rag and a cleaning agent that is gentle enough to use on old coins.

The first thing that you will need to do is to fill a shallow bowl with a cleaning agent that is gentle enough for your coins and submerge them completely in the substance.

Put the coins in the bowl and enable them to soak until the gunk and grime has become dislodged. Be sure that none of the coins in the bowl touch one another because this can disrupt the cleaning process.

After the coins have had a proper time to soak, you can then carefully remove each one of them from the bowl and pat them dry using a soft and clean cloth or towel. Be sure to not rub the coins or use a polishing cloth because this can scratch the surface and lower their value.

Put the coins in special sulfur free envelopes. These unique envelopes can be purchased at a coin dealership. Sulfur is an agent that tarnishes silver and can be found in the air and many types of paper. This can damage your coins and lessen their value by defecting their sheen and appearance. These special envelopes are necessary for keeping your coins looking clean, shiny and highly valuable.

You will enjoy being the owner of clean coins that you have restored yourself. Your coins will look shiny and new for years to come if you follow these simple steps and you will be able to share them with generations of your family for decades.